Black Dog

Made by Rex Winn

This black dog has been in the works for years. He was hunted for three years as he traveled between Mexico and Texas killing livestock for food. After taxidermy, he took up residence in a museum.

Black dog sculpture by Rex Winn

23 thoughts on “Black Dog”

  1. As you know, I love this guy. Did you give us his measurements? Just in case I have to make room : ). In reality, where does/will he reside? In any event, he is fantastic and he does have nice haunches.

    • Hi, Sir. I was going to write to you but too busy laying around in the heat! It has been so hot.

      I think he is about 32″ long and under 24″ tall. Not sure. He will reside in the living room. Even though he has been hanging around for many, many months, I’ll have to make room for him (which I don’t have!).

      How are you doing? Are you creating anything?

      • My Liege, He is a big boy. Just incredible.
        I am absolutely burning up, but luckier than so many.
        Have some WIPs that have been sitting around forever. Need to make a horse and Yorkie by Xmas if possible. And at least one other before too long.
        Anyway, I love Chup. I will try to write to you later.

    • Thank you so much. I took him to the county fair this morning, and I met the judge. He said, “Well, I wouldn’t want it in my living room.” Very nice gentleman!

  2. Rex- this may be your finest sculpture to date! (Though the giraffes, pigs, tapir etc are all great too!) It is nice to see you are creating….that says to me you are feeling ok for the most part. I didn’t realize the dog was your sculpture until I read some of the comments. How did people know it was yours? Your name wasn’t on the credit (on my computer anyway)
    How did you hear of this black dog? Dont tell me you met him in real life! It really is a great sculpture, the stance , the painting, the snarl, all excellent! A fine job!
    I make black with ultramarine and raw umber. That makes a good blue black as well.(In case you run out of burnt sienna!)

    • Oops – the name thing was my fault. I was so excited about getting Rex’s dog online that I forgot to add his name at the top. Silly me. I fixed it. 🙂

    • Thanks, Eileen. I can’t remember where I heard his story. Probably on the Internet someplace. Of course, when I saw a dog, I had to read about it. The judge at the fair today patted his behind and said, “You have nice haunches.” It made me laugh.
      Thanks for the color tip. I’ll try and remember it.
      How are you doing? Making anything?

      • Doing fine, making quite a bit as I have 2 shows to prepare for. I will post some in a few weeks. I’m off to Maine tomorrow for a vacation. It will be a blessed relief from our current heat and humidity! We have been walking the dog at 9:30 at night after it cools down a bit!
        You put the dog in the fair? Did he win any prize? Even if he didn’t, he makes first prize in my book!

        • It is hot here, also. We drive 15 miles to the canyon to walk. I haven’t been to the fair yet, so I don’t know what has happened. More later.

  3. Nice job Rex! I think you have accurately depicted the wild dog look. It’s also good to know that ultramarine blue and burnt sienna mix together. Well done!

  4. First, I must apologize, because I believe a dog has 42 teeth. I made the head separate from the body (something I never do). The head came in three parts: the upper mandible, the tongue, and the lower mandible. The tongue is loose in his mouth because it goes clear down his throat. I made the upper jaw and attached the teeth to the jawbone before adding the gums. I did the same with the lower jaw. Many times I checked to make sure if the mouth was closed, the teeth would come together, that the canines would lap outside the lips. After I put the skull and tongue together, I added the skin and lips around the mouth. Then I placed the skull on the body.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t really remember how I made the individual teeth. They were long and did fit into the jawbone.

    Thank you.

  5. Wow – Rex, your dog is amazing. And slightly terrifying, as I’m sure he was when he was still hunting livestock. The anatomy on your sculpture is perfect, those feet are wonderful — and those teeth! Any tips on how you made them?

    • I wanted to say how much I like the black. I tried an over-the-counter black, which was a mistake. To make this black (thanks to Jonni), I mixed ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. It makes a wonderful black with a blue hue, which is correct for animals.


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