Black bear fence sleeper

Made by Jill Beaton

I bought Jonni’s adorable bear head and wanted to make a body to go with him. When finished I want to put him on our fence up north at our cottage. Any critiques welcome. I keep going back and tweaking parts, I really want him to look good. I still have to finish the other side then mache and paint, I can’t wait for that part of this project.

Bear sleeping on a fence sculpture in progress 2

Bear sleeping on a fence sculpture in progress 3

4 thoughts on “Black bear fence sleeper”

  1. Jill. Bear looks really great. I was thinking of trying the same thing. That’s how I found yours. LOL. Doing a great job. Anxious to see the finished piece. Hope you post soon

  2. I love this! One day I might be inspired to make this, maybe a cub, and out it on our fence (for the grands)…I would only be able to have it out in the summer though. ?

  3. He looks great, Jill. What an interesting idea! I am worried about him standing up to rain and snow, though. Paper mache isn’t at all waterproof. How do you intend to keep him from getting wet?

    • Hi Jonni!
      Thank you!
      I’m going to use outdoor paint and put a protective coating on after. I’ll put him out on the fence only on nice days and bring him inside before evening. I won’t put him out in the winter. If he turns out good I’d like to make a small cub to sleep on the foot post of the grandkids log bed at the cottage.


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