BIG Shaggy Dog

Made by Chris DeWitt

I happened upon this website a little over a year ago and found Jonni’s tutorials so very helpful! Thank you for so much wonderful information!

Right around that time we had just moved out of state and were staying at my parents place in Florida while house hunting. They love art and frequent art shows in their free time. They had purchased a shaggy dog sculpture that stands about 24” tall and is colored in paint splashes. We loved what it added to the room and wished to someday find something similar for our new home.

That proved to be an impossible task, so I decided to try and make one myself! My large shaggy dog was not my very first attempt at paper mache, I decided to try to make a smaller dog first. Then I was hooked! My first smaller dog I painted in bright colored paint drips, it was far from perfect, but it was cute and colorful and while I never intended to sell it, I did participate in a neighborhood craft fair and decided to bring it as an eye catcher. Well… much to my surprise I had more than one person interested! I’ve done one other small dog and a handful of little birds and some Christmas gnomes, all while gradually working on the big shaggy dog (aka The Beast).

Playful Paper Mache Dog

Brightly Painted Paper Mache Dog

6 thoughts on “BIG Shaggy Dog”

  1. Your dogs are so cool! I love how you put expressions on them. I have done one dog only, “Meet My Dog Leroy”. He’s on this site somewhere. His ears were too big to make one raised up, and the other one down like yours. After seeing that dog with those ears that is ready to play, it makes me want to try another one. Great job!!

  2. All of your dogs are quite good but I LOVE the shaggy dog! It reminds me of our old English sheepdog that we had many years ago. Love the fur. Well done.


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