Big Cat – really big

Made by Magdalena Alejandra PIERA

In 1999, as a result of participating in an amateur children’s musical, I made Xavier Cugat the toucan, I had no information or training and it is partly made of papier mâché and 2-component epoxy putty. He went through two giant moves: one from Buenos Aires (where I was born) to Mallorca and then to Madrid where I currently reside. The poor guy has some other scar but like me he is still alive.

In 2011, after doing artistic courses (although nothing about sculpture) following yours instructions, LitlKitty was born. The eyes are one of those glass dragees with the pupils made of Fimo. He is ten times lighter than the toucan and all the material used is recycled. And I have a Machiavellian idea (benign, mind you) that if I can carry it out I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’m still working on a horse’s head. a dog and a cat (smaller). A very affectionate greeting and THANK YOU! (P/S: Sorry by my English I used the Google translator for a “better” communication because my way of writing isn’t so good)

Paper mache toucan sculpture by Magdalena Alejandra PIERA

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  1. What a story about you and your cat’s travels! Love the picture of the sculpture staring down on your real dog! So like a real cat! Nice work, and your translation worked just fine!


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