Big Blue Birds – landscape sculpture

Made by Lee Bell

I have continued to work in the large . This is my latest , my first with two birds in one sculpture. I have stayed in the 7 – 8 foot range and I am happy the sculptures are going out to show in sculpture parks and on loan exhibits to various parks and community outreach programs. Meet Duets Dance . Two big Herons having a bit of a conversation . Recycled paper and mixed media .

Mixed media sculpture by Lee Bell of Black Lily Studio

9 thoughts on “Big Blue Birds – landscape sculpture”

  1. Steel armature, compounded portland cement , recycled paper and outdoor concrete sealers.. with a lot of trial an error. Thanks so much for visiting my site and the compliment

  2. Beautiful colors and form…and I love the large format!
    I went on and enjoyed your website as well.
    How have you made these pieces made from paper and mixed media waterproof for outdoor installation?
    Thank you – your work is inspiring!


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