Begging Dachshund – Project #5 in New Paper Mache Book

Get a fast start on your next paper mache project or hand-made gift with Jonni’s easy downloadable patterns for masks, animal sculptures and faux trophy mounts. The patterns help you create a beautiful work of art, even if you’ve never sculpted anything before.

This video is part of a series showing the projects in my new book Make Animal Sculptures With Paper Mache Clay. (The video was made before the book came out – it is now available on

In this video I introduce you to the fifth project in my upcoming paper mache book. The begging dachshund was designed to show readers how a flat pattern on the inside of an armature can be manipulated so the final sculpture has an interesting pose.

I borrowed the colors of my dachshund from one of the dogs living down the street from me. This breed is so popular I think almost everyone knows someone who would like to receive one of these sculptures as a gift. The sculpture itself doesn’t cost much money, (probably less than $5.00), but she’s precious because of the time and love that goes into making her.

She is a little hard to photograph because I designed her to be looking up at you. When she sits on a coffee table you look down at those big brown eyes – no wonder so many of these dogs end up being overweight…

Spring is happening all of a sudden here in our valley. I have a big shipment of hedge plants coming in the second week of April, so that means I’ll be out digging in the dirt. Fun stuff. But don’t worry – I’ll still be working hard to help Jessie to get this book finished.

5 thoughts on “Begging Dachshund – Project #5 in New Paper Mache Book”

  1. Hi,

    Waiting for this book ordered from Amazon
    Your daughters painting are beautiful.
    Thanks for this great website

  2. Love it – you have captured this particular dog’s expression – simply adorable – this is a tue expression of art as it shows the splendid nature of this dog.

  3. Hi,
    I just want to say that all your work is fascinating. I check all your creation on your web site and enjoyed every part of it. I wait for your book.
    Thansk for all your help.

    p.s. excuse my english I am a french canadian.

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