Bear – Ursa Manor Mascot

Made by Talia Baker

My husband and I have names our home Ursa Manor with a Brown Bear as our mascot. I decided to give your bear head a try. It took a couple of days to create the armature. Wow! It’s quite detailed! I didn’t have any wooden balls, but had some wooden beads that seem to be working okay. Here is my first layer. I still want to put a hanger on the back and also seal that up with paper mache clay. I used a huge pile of plastic bags as filler. (The pandemic seems to have made grocery store relapse on the environmental awareness cautions.). My 2nd layer will be me trying to widen the face a bit to make it look a bit more like the larger brown bear. I love this medium, and Jonnie’s armatures are so we’ll thought out!

Bear Head Armature


3 thoughts on “Bear – Ursa Manor Mascot”

  1. I made a bear not too long ago. Bart. You can search my name to see him. I use plastic grocery bags when I form my animals. It took a lot of plastic bags to make Bart. I really like the nose that you made for your bear, as well as the eyelids. I think your choice of eyes makes your mask very unique. I like them!! Good job!!!

  2. Hey well done. Looking great.
    I’m still struggling to put this one together.
    Please show us once it is completely finished. Would love to see how he ends up!


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