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  1. Très joli. j’ai une cocker et depuis hier elle me sert de modèle. J’ai commencé l’armature. Si vous le voulez pouvez vous me dire comment avez vous fait les oreilles? Merci
    Merci Jonni pour vos tuto je comprend très peu l’anglais mais les image m’aide
    Prennez soin de vous


    >Jonni’s edit, via Google translate: “Very pretty. I have a cocker spaniel and since yesterday she has been my model. I started the frame. If you want can you tell me how did you make the ears? Thank you
    Thank you Jonni for your tutorial I understand very little English but the pictures help me
    Take care of yourself


    • Merci beaucoup Fabienne.

      I made the ears with aluminum foil, masking tape and the silky smooth air dry recipe. That’s all;-)

      Good luck on your sculpture, can’t wait to see the result.

  2. d’aww! What a wonderfull little guy (or girl) you have made! I love it, especially the way in which you sculpted the fur. I also like his pose (flat on his belly). I’m a big fan of cocker spaniels, but it has turned out as a great beagle.

  3. Haha, thank you Rex:-)
    I decided It was time to finish some old projects.

    Cocker Spaniels are my favorite breed too, so your vote is appreciated.

    I forgot to take photos along the way but I think I didn’t do anything special, maybe it’s because I worked with an airbrush…

    Happy to welcome you and Jonni to The Netherlands, that would be fun indeed. To bad for all the flying restrictions at the moment:-(

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Corinne, I don’t suppose you’ve posted a video of you using an air brush to paint your sculptures, have you? I used an air brush years ago to make t-shirts that we sold at art fairs, but I can’t remember a thing about it, and even back then I really didn’t know what I was doing. If you haven’t made any videos, do you have a recommendation for a book that might help us learn the craft?

      • I went in a famous and big art store in Los Angeles. The guy who works there painted T-shirts. They were memorable (this must have been 30 years ago). He was an artist but once he picked up an air brush, he never looked back. I didn’t have a compressor at the time and couldn’t afford one, but you can do awesome things with an airbrush. I think Corinne proved that, along with great sculpting.

      • Unfortunately I haven’t made a video…

        About 1,5 year ago I went to a 3-days airbrush course. (My husband already had all the equipment)
        After these 3 days I thought “I am never gonna learn this”, but kept on practicing. The most important thing for me is to clean the needle and nozzle(cap) very thoroughly, this prevents a lot of frustration during airbrushing. Oh and always start and end with air (so air, paint, air, paint, air). If you end with paint, your airbrush can become clogged.

        Recently I did buy a book from Angel Giraldez (Masterclass volume 2). Although this books focuses on painting miniatures it’s full of good tips for us paper mache artists;-)

        I hope this helps and I translated it correctly.

  4. Corinne, you’re back and better than ever. I grew up with Cocker spaniels, so I’m sticking with that! (I know you never asked for a vote.) What a wonderful little guy. I love his expression. The form is really fun.

    Did you take photographs along the way? And maybe Jonni would post how you did the fur. I have many dogs waiting for fur and paint and love what you have done here. Maybe you can give me courage to move on!

    Thanks for showing us. He’s a special guy.

    • Yes, Jonni would definitely post a tutorial about making fur! Thanks for suggesting it, Rex. I wish we could all attend one of Corrine’s workshops in person, too – wouldn’t that be fun?

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with Connie…he is absolutely adorable! What a great sculpture! I love th stance with his legs out behind him. A triumph!

  6. oh my gosh, I love him!!!! He’s adorable! He does look like a beagle and I love his expression! Did you create the fur lines with the clay or paint? He is great!


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