Bathroom beauties (yes they are in my bathroom)

Made by Chrissie MacLean

Blue Cheeked Butterfly fish.

First time user of the recipe but been doing Paper Mache for a long time. You really inspired me to get doing it again Jonni, so thank you. I changed the flour for talcum powder and didn’t measure the amount added as I was just wanting to get on with it (typical of me). I also rushed the soaking of the toilet paper. I did the first soak and squeeze to get the right amount but didn’t soak it further. It is a tad lumpy because of this…. lesson learned. These were really skinny fish too so I had to be careful to not be the cause of any weight gain. I used double layer of Italian crepe paper for fins/tail etc. It’s strong and had the lines already in it that fins have. Glued using PVA glue they become very strong and can be shaped a bit as they dry. Don’t try to shape after as they can snap at the pressure point (yep… I did that).

Blue Cheeked Butterfly fish by Chrissie MacLean
So Skinny


Blue Cheeked Butterfly fish by Chrissie MacLean
Not So Smooth

3 thoughts on “Bathroom beauties (yes they are in my bathroom)”

  1. I agree. They would be wonderful companions to my big bird in the bathroom. I love these. You have created a masterpiece. Coloring is eye catching. (Leave the bathroom door open when you shower!)

    These would be perfect in my bathroom too!

    I love the shape, color, and they really look “active”.
    Excellent work!


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