Bast the Egyptian Cat Goddess Pair

Made by Samantha Jane – Elfkindred.com

Two cats  – Egyptian goddesses Bast for guarding the garden house or door. I used your modelling clay recipe and tried the grout over the base for the garden. I started with a stick in the centre of each belly on a board armature and when the paper mache clay was dry took it out for freestanding. I’m eager to see how long the grout will keep in the weather too like your ultimate paper mache gnome tutorial.

It was tricky getting the grout smooth mine is lumpy I would like to sand back smooth. The tail broke off one as well which i glued back on. I thought I was going to put wings but it was hard and I couldn’t get the position or place on back right to mount them so I went with plain cats. I could do with a video on how to mount and put in wings also in the grout type sculpture style.


3 thoughts on “Bast the Egyptian Cat Goddess Pair”

  1. The time to add the wings would be during the armature stage, heavily reliant on strong wire and reinforcement before you added the clay. At this stage, I don’t think they could be added, they would be too fragile. It would be the same for any bird with the wings out. Hey, that will give you an opportunity to make another sculpture! Nice job on your cats! They would be fun to see in a garden!

  2. And about those wings – that would be challenging when using the heavy grout, but I have some ideas for a fairy that I’d like to make someday. When I figure out how to make the wings I’ll be sure to let you know.

  3. Hi Samantha. I think you’re the first person to show us your own experimental pieces made with the grout that I used for the gnome. I hope your cats last as well as my gnome has (so far, so good :) ).

    I had a hard time getting the grout smooth, too. I finally learned that it helped to go over the wet grout with a damp gloved finger. It still wasn’t perfect, but it was much better. I haven’t tried sanding it. If you do, please let us know if it works.


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