Basic Dachshund Paper Mache

Made by Joy in Crafting

I think this would be my second paper mache project in my entire life? First one would be back in elementary school.

Honestly I only think of making a paper mache because we accidentally ruined a big batch of cooked rice (it was a long story but make it short, it got flooded lol)..I don’t want it to just throw it all away. I made it into a rice glue. I boiled it in water with lots and lots of salt so it wouldn’t go bad quick. The smell wasn’t so nice so I can’t recommend it so much haha

I got inspired by watching one of the videos from Ultimate Paper Mache titled Make a Basset Hound Sculpture – I decided to make a version of my dachshunds.. Now I know it’s not the best looking dachshund paper mache but I impress myself i pulled it off…haha in my defense I was trying to quickly finish it beacuse I’m worried the rice glue will get bad..It took me around 3 days.,…since there was a lot of drying the rice glue it between layering the papers.

I also made a blog post about how I created the paper mache here- https://joyincrafting.com/arts-and-crafts/dachshund-paper-mache/

Now I want to make more! I’m planning on doing a cat paper mache next but using a paper clay instead. Hopefully it goes well. *cross fingers*

Paper Mache Dachshund

Paper Mache Dachshund

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