Barney the Hippo

Made by Linda Krautner

I started this hippo couple years ago when I was just learning papier-mâché but I found the foil pretty difficult, worked on and off and only finished it recently. It was going to be like William the Egyptian hippo but I didn’t want to use those colors. I did use Jonni’s pattern.


11 thoughts on “Barney the Hippo”

  1. I keep thinking of your hippo. He is memorable, and I have to come back and take a peek at him. Simply gorgeous. Thanks again.

  2. Listen! That is crazy. I know when a fit of jealousy overtakes me I have seen something wonderful. That hippo is one of my favorite sculptures ever. Two years was worth it. You are an incredible artist. Thank you very much. A light in my day. (If William the Hippo is the favorite of the museum, this ought to be the favorite in the paper mache world — or any world, actually.)


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