Barn owl

Made by Made by Lummie Bergsma

Made this barn owl with clay. As you know you’ve inspired me making animals. That’s way I am so bold in showing them to you.

Barn owl made with paper mache clay

2 thoughts on “Barn owl”

  1. Thank you Conny,

    I feel so much gratitude reading all these nice comments! Thank you for that.
    I also grew up on a farm with my pareny and 5 brothers and sisters.
    The best place for a child to grow up, I think.

    Kind regards,

  2. Wow Lummie! I love the barn owl. You did an awesome job. I especially like the details on the face and how the wing sits across the tail. Nice job painting too. Growing up, we lived on a farm with my grandparents and we had a barn owl that would supervise the cows being milked. Nice job!


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