Ballerina Bunny Marionette

Made by Marmee Jane (Pene) Stevens

I’m new to this art form (sculpting, PMC – paper mache clay – and in particular marionettes).

For the last year or so I’ve been making (dollhouse) miniatures, 1:12 scale mostly and love to add some form of movement or interaction, things that actually work. Dolls don’t move, some you can pose but they’re still… well, STILL!

So I’ve been a bit obsessed with marionettes lately and PMC is a light and easy way to make them 😉

Her body, arms and legs are wood and her hands and head are PMC (smooth recipe) over an armature. Her ears are fabric with wire inside to hold the shape.

I didn’t have any suitable strips of wood for the controller so I used cardboard and covered it with PMC for extra strength.

Thanks for the recipes, videos and the inspiration!

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Ballerina Bunny Marionette

Ballerina Bunny Marionette

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