Bald Eagle – My First Sculpture

Made by Lori Lovas

I created this bald eagle – my first sculpture since elementary school art class in the early 1980’s – as the centerpiece for an upcoming “American Hero” themed tablescape competition for a local festival. I found Jonni’s videos and website to be invaluable resources throughout the process. Jonni’s fantastic paper mache clay recipe allowed me to create the texture I desired for the eagle’s head and body. I used Apoxie Sculpt for the fine details: eyes, beak, and talons.

Bald Eagle made with paper mache clay

Bald eagle sculpture before painting

10 thoughts on “Bald Eagle – My First Sculpture”

  1. Wow! I can’t believe that is your first sculpture. The feather texture is great and the eagle’s expression is wonderful. Great job! I think you should do more paper mâché. You’re a natural.

  2. Lori, the texture on your Eagle is very well done, but the first thing I see is that determined expression and those wonderful eyes. You gave him such a strong personality that I can’t imagine how you could not win that competition. Good luck!


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