Baby Pig

Made by Rex Winn

I finally finished this baby pig. It is for the pharmacist’s baby. She loves farm animals, and her dad has been a great help to me.

Thanks to Jonni for her lessons and great talent. I have loved her kune kune pigs in “making animals” for over eight years. A great project.

Paper mache pig by Rex Winn

19 thoughts on “Baby Pig”

  1. Your pig is wonderful, love the painting design too. I’m trying my best at the moment to do my own, it’s much more difficult than I thought 🙂

    • Thanks, Jacqui,

      Jonni’s book is a great teacher. I live in the world of “more difficult than I thought,” but I love doing it. I look forward to seeing yours when you are finished.

      • I’ve purchased 2 of jonni’s books and currently working on my pig but omg it’s gonna be a beast lol and not a cute little piglet ??

  2. Love the pig! Makes me want to make a “Homestead Family” of black/white pigs, cows, and baby goats! Nice job.

    • I hear you. I have done pigs (kept my favorite one that will never leave me) and have done cows, so I guess baby goats are next! That would be fun. My neighbors have goats, and Teca used to play with them (my dog). They are fun creatures.

    • Thanks, Pia. I used glass eyes on this one. First time. She is kind of looking up, which I think adds to her character. Thanks for your tutorials.


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