Baby Chick (Rex)

Made by Rex Winn

My brother Ted was a lot of fun to work with. This is MY chick, and he’s staying with his mother.

He took every word of Jonni’s post seriously. He would be a good student! Making the saddle for the body was the most difficult part for us, and we spent a long time working on the feet (because Jonni said the back leg was too thick!). We did single aluminum wires and glued them together. Didn’t much like that, and they fell off while we had them in the oven (of course). I think next time I will try a little Apoxie Sculpt or something like that and cook it before we add the body.

I hope there are more chicks on their way.

6 thoughts on “Baby Chick (Rex)”

  1. I’m inspired. I’m going to make a chicken. Maybe a hen. Maybe a rooster. Maybe a chick. Maybe all three! Maybe I need to get started! Thanks a lot Rex. I was going to read a book.

  2. How adorable and I love your paint finishes Rex. Her Mom is spectacular! When I first opened up the page I thought your hen was real, she looks very protective of her new offspring and little chick looks happy and safe. Lovely!


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