Baby Chick

This chick was made by Ted Winn.

Off and on, I have made comments on chicken submissions not to let my brother know. He loves chickens. He came for a visit from Canada. We got talking about our projects, and I showed him Jonni’s site. He immediately looked at the baby chick and wanted to make one. This is it.

I love it. I told him it was the best thing he was ever going to make. I hope he proves me wrong. I asked him if I could post this because he is traveling for the next month, and he gave me permission.

Hard to be bested by your baby brother!

Thank you, Jonni, for your tutorial. He printed out a copy and is taking it with him. He said he needs six more chicks!

Paper mache baby chick

7 thoughts on “Baby Chick”

  1. Obviously, there is an artistic gene in the family! Isn’t it maddening that his first attempt turned out so perfect…leave it to baby brother to try and one up his big brother! All kidding aside, he did a fabulous job and I hope he is now as hooked on paper mache as we are!

  2. How sweet is he? With Easter not too far away I am sure he and his siblings to come will find wonderful family homes and make lovely memories for years to come.

    • Thanks, Linda. He has five children, and they all love chickens. They made the newspaper twice when they went before the city council to be allowed to have a few chickens in their back yard. All the neighbors were there to support him, and they were granted permission. (He had a pet chicken when a teenager, and it followed him everywhere, even in the house.)

      He has a daughter who will help him, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he makes a few more. I hope so.

  3. I will. He talked to his daughter in Canada and told her he needs her help doing more. I can’t thank you enough because we had a great couple days together being creative.


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