Australian Shepherd

Made by Margarethe Brummermann

Loosely following Jonni’s book about small dog sculptures, I built a wire-foil-masking tape armature and covered it with newspaper strips. Let it dry and then wanted to add details with paper mache clay. But we had a water main break and had to turn off the water. Since I had made too much paste for the strips, I soaked tissue paper in it and applied it while pushing it into the shape of hair locks with a knife. An old Burro armature also finally got a paper skin. Right now it’s all drying again. So maybe I’ll finish with PM clay tomorrow, or more tissue paper?

Paper mache australian shepherd

Note:To see how Margarethe’s sculpture looked when it was finished, click here.

4 thoughts on “Australian Shepherd”

  1. A fortunate accident? They look good at this point. Will look forward to see how you finish them, although the dog looks really good now.

  2. Way to go, making the most of the situation! I love the hair texture you did with the paste and tissue paper! “Meatier” details might be easier with the PM clay, but you did wonderful with what you had available.


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