Attention all Commedia dell’Arte enthusiasts!

Made by Douglas Witt

Are you passionate about mastering the art of crafting stage-quality masks?
Are you seeking to unleash your creativity by designing the ultimate Halloween or dynamic character masks?

I kindly request your assistance in filling out a survey. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Douglas Witt, a seasoned mask maker, and the proud CEO/Artistic Director of TheaterLunaire. Presently, I am immersed in the creation of a book titled “How to Make Commedia dell’Arte Masks,” which is part of a larger comprehensive series of books will be publishing very soon.

Within these pages, I will guide you through the intricate process of producing top-tier masks using the medium of Papier-mâché . You will learn the art of sculpting oil-based modelling clay and transforming clay forms into exquisite plaster molds, resulting in Papier-mâché masks of unparalleled quality fit for the stage.

I humbly invite you to share your invaluable insights with me. Your contributions will shape the very fabric of my upcoming book, enabling it to become an invaluable resource for aspiring mask makers everywhere.
Join me on this extraordinary creative journey by participating in the survey. The link provided below will serve as your portal to a world of artistic exploration and discovery. Your participation holds immeasurable value, and I sincerely request that you share this survey widely to gather comprehensive information from a diverse range of perspectives.

With deepest gratitude, thank you for your wholehearted support in advance!

Commedia dell'Arte mask mold
Commedia dell'Arte masks

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