Arabian Horse

Made by Kevin Doheny

I used Jonni’s Horse pattern to make this Arabian horse costume for our theater’s production of Aladdin. I enlarged the pattern 150%. Although I’ve done lots of paper mache, I made this horse out of lightweight EVA foam due to weight restrictions on our young actors. Thanks to Jonni’s perfect pattern, my 1/4″ thick foam glued together nicely using contact cement. I used foam clay (Foam Mo) to sculpt the fine details around the eyes and nose/muzzle. I also used EVA foam to make the rear end and tail. There is an internal frame made out of thin lightweight aluminum. The whole costume only weighs about 6 lbs. I hope my horse is inspiring to others! Thank you Jonni for your awesome pattern!!

Arabian Horse Costume by Kevin Doheny

Arabian Horse Costume for OGM Theater


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