Arab Visions 6 Art Exhibition

Made by hamada shata

The exhibition of Arab visions 6 opened yesterday in the Al-Ahram Art Hall with the participation of 9 Arab and European countries in honor of the late great artist Talaat Abdulaziz.

The artist Hamada Shata was honored with an Oscar, a gold medal, certificates of appreciation, and the artistic work of the artist Hamada Shata is the Sultan Ahmed Kami Mosque in Istanbul, established in 1616 AD, and it is a model of Japanese art paper Kraft Paper and participates in the honor of the late artist.

Each of the Arab visions headed by the artist Ahmed Jamal Association Art Bla Borders in France, headed by the artist Naima Al-Sebti, The World Culture Association in France and Morocco, headed by Nezha Bendi International Federation of United Nations Friends A / Imad Talaat Gallery of Oryx Arts headed by the artist Maha Yassin The European Union for Euro-Asian Arts headed by the artist evgeny manakin The guests of honor for the opening are the great artist Muhannad Al-Daoud, Dr. Asrar and the artist The Hajjaj Abdel Azim and artist Tariq Desouky, Captain Moamen Zakaria, the star of Star Academy
Actress Heidi Moussa, Miss Egypt Mirna Al-Halawani
Good luck to all, and congratulations to all artists
Photography by the actress Shaima

Sultan Ahmed Kami Mosque in Istanbul in paper mache

Sultan Ahmed Kami Mosque in Istanbul in paper mache


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