Air dried clay and paper mache

Made by Angela Assenza

I made a diagrams for my son of his workshop. The sculpture of the three women is of the canary in the coal mine, the advocate and the scribe. These are very personal to my life experiences. The little bunny chef is just for fun and to recycle a jelly jar.

Paper mache sculpture

Little bunny chef sculpture

5 thoughts on “Air dried clay and paper mache”

  1. I love all three of your sculptures! I am particularly drawn to your three ladies. Love the detail, the accessories, the stories they must tell. Really nice work. the detail on your son’s workshop is also impressive!

    • Should mention. The back wall of the workshop is actually a photo of his actual workshop. I can’t take credit for that. My grandson took the photo. He’s much more gifted with photography than me. So I guess this is mixed media with paper mache and air dried clay.


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