African Animals

Made by Maike van den Berg

Our daughters were going to perform a Lion King dance with their dance group and for that I made the animal heads. At first they suggested that we would make them out of balloons or chicken wire, but then I discovered your website! I saw the African Animals and they looked so perfect! I made all three of them and at the end I also had to use my ‘prototype’ and made a tiger .

We didn’t have that kind of a budget, so for example I used old bouncing balls for eyes and in stead of one of your recipes I made paper mache just from toilet paper, water and wallpaper paste powder.

I’ve had a lot of fun working with your patterns! Really a must for all hobbyists! 🙂

This is a picture of the dance group with the Animal Heads. My youngest wore the Lion Head as a mask, standing on the shoulders of ‘Rafiki’. And below you can see the proces of making the animal heads.
For the lion and tiger I also added whiskers.

Paper mache masks made with patterns from

Paper mache masks made with patterns from

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