Adding paper mache clay to a wood cutout.

Made by Betty Stills

My favorite crafts have always been making various Christmas ornaments.

I enjoyed making the full figure paper mach ornaments, but I saw this wooden cutout at a craft store that was made to be painted and thought, I want to add dimension to it, so I sculpted some CelluClay right onto the wood. It turned out to be cuter than if I had used the little paint pens it was meant for.

I have seen other wood craft kits that would be easy for adults or kids to transform into a 3-D ornament to keep. Sell or give away.

The little rooster is 100% paper mache CelluClay, no aluminum foil core was needed.

My daughter has a farm and likes chickens. So this is her ornament.

The third photo was taken in my daughter’s kitchen, showcasing her decorations on the dividing wall behind her stove.

Do you see the three gold wisemen? They were storebought, but I am adding the photo here for inspiration. A Styrofoam base or a empty cardboard core from a commercial spool of thread could be used as a base. Those might be acquired from a upholstery business. We own one and I used to save the cores for craft projects. You can combine cloth, objects and paper mache to make them ornate or more country. If you add fabric. I would dip, or brush it with a thinned glue or some other fabric hardening product, like Dip n Drape (very 1970’s).

Christmas Chicken

Christmas Decor made with Wood

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  1. Very nice, I love your rustic style! You would pay quite a bit for those ornaments at a craft fair or gift store. I also liked the wisemen and it is a good inspiration. Thanks for sharing!


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