Adding Paper and Paste to the Paper Mache Chihuahua

Paper Mache ChihuahuaMaking a Paper Mache Chihuahua, Part 2

See Part 1 here.

Well, I had to make a new wire armature for the paper mache Chihuahua, because I fiddled around with some experimental paste recipes that didn’t work very well. (Flour and water paste works just fine, so the experiments were silly, anyway).

I actually like the second version a bit better though, so maybe it was all for the best.

If you’d like to make a tiny paper mache Chihuahua, click here for the downloadable pattern.

When I made the second wire armature I didn’t have to work around a camera, so I was able to take more time and use smaller bits of foil, building up the shapes much like I would when working with clay. The forms ended up being smoother. I also think the angle of the neck is more natural on the second version. As I mention in the video, the legs are also thinner, since I didn’t put any foil over the wire on the legs this time. I did add small bits of foil for the feet, though.

And, I have to admit that I took some liberties when building the body shapes this time. On the first version, I tried to stay close to the shapes on the pattern. The second time I played around a bit more. I was looking for “essence of Chihuahua,” rather than trying for a totally realistic version. For some reason, I always like my sculptures better when I do them a second time.

I moved through the paper mache process in this video pretty fast, but it actually took about two hours to complete the paper mache layers – maybe even a bit more. It took most of the morning to build the new wire armature and add the paper mache. Not bad, really. When she’s dry she’ll need some light sanding and a coat of gesso, and then she’ll be ready to paint. Stay tuned. 🙂

Click Here for the Final Step for Making the Paper Mache Chihuahua >

I had so much fun making this little Chihuahua that I decided to write another book, just for tiny dogs. You can see it here, on




18 thoughts on “Adding Paper and Paste to the Paper Mache Chihuahua”

  1. Bonjour Joni,

    J’apprĂ©cie beaucoup votre travail et votre pĂ©dagogie.
    Pourriez-vous me conseiller et me dire ce que je dois utiliser comme fil pour faire les moustaches d’un lapin?
    Grand merci et bonne journée!

  2. I’m so pleased you have stared a new project, i so enjoy watching your videos , I am working on my own project, i have a cat who follows me around , night and day, and loves to sleep on my head,I followed your cat which you made, and decided to try and so far she is coming on leaps and bounds, enjoying it also.just about to sand it down, and make up some Jessop or should I mean wash filler.
    i am thinking of the white glue plus four, and thought of pollyfilla as this thickens very quickly i shall have to work fast i am thinking I think your little dog’s a real hit. cheers keep up the good work.thanking you.

  3. Jonni, does your clay go bad? Mine is starting to get some brownish yellow spots on it, doe that mean it is no longer useable?

    • It does grow mold, if you store it too long. It’s best to throw it out and start over. Some people add salt or oil of clove to slow down the growth of mold, but I think it’s easier to make small batches, just enough to use in a day or two.

  4. Jonni, I loved seeing this. You always have something new and exciting to show. I started my second puppy, about this size, and I like the idea of not putting aluminum foil in the legs, especially on something this small. Maybe I will start the second puppy over because the legs do tend to get too large.

    Thanks for the video. She is a cutie already! Can’t wait for the fur.

    It seems I have to make a bunch of something before I feel confident at all. In fact, tomorrow I’m getting out the saw to do some surgery on Pegasus! Maybe I’ll be a better surgeon than a sculptor!

    It got into the 40s today, so I won’t complain.

  5. Loved watching you work with the paper. I am working on my women figures–morphing them from clay(stoneware) into paper macho. I had not much success with my own cardboard base for them and liked a doll cone that I bought. I think I will try the simple flour and water on newspaper technique on some.Will post some progress reports as soon as I can try t;his new way (new for me) . I have been using the paper clay mush with some success but not quite what i want. Thanks for the tutorials. It is cold in Michigan too!!!

  6. Hi Jonni,
    Pooch is looking good. I’m currently working on a Tricorn vase with paper strips. I’m using the home made glue recipe from your friend Ridge or Rich. It is excellent! It does not stick to your fingers and it dries fast. Let me know what you think.

  7. Thanks so much for the informative video. I learn so much from seeing, so much better than just reading and hearing. But I guess I need to hear what you are doing and why on your videos. You combine everything so well into a learning experance!
    I’m in Houston for part of the winter, be home last half of March. But I’m watching the weather up north on my iPad and keeping in touch with the rest of my family. Would you believe it, there is no school here today! The main reason is due to the lay out of the roads. You can hardly go anywhere without going on an overpass. The overpasses are 3-4 overpasses high, creating steep grades. When these are covered with even a thin coating of ice, you can’t get up or stop when coming down. Cabin fever down here is really bad!

    • Hi Gussie. I’m glad you like the videos. And I hope the weather calms down soon, everywhere – we’ve had -19 one day, and +45 the next. Weird…

  8. Yes Jonni I also find that when I ‘just relax an play around with the project it seems to go better. So this is a good .Have great day

  9. Hi Jonni,
    I love the chihuahua. I have been making paper mache sculptures for the past year using your wonderful air dry clay recipe. But have thought many times about going back to the old water and flour recipe for certain pieces. You have now made this idea irresistible. My next piece will be done this way. Winter is a good time to do those since the wood heat dries them fast. Thanks for all your tips and inspiration. You’re the best! By the way, the weather here in Nova Scotia has been very “winter like” to say the least! Lots of storms and a few blizzards too.

    • Boy, I wish my house had a wood stove. The heat is so much more comfortable than blown air from a furnace. Not much wood around here, though.

      By the way, your website link doesn’t work. Do you want to try again, so we can go check out your Facebook page?


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