Adding Home-Made Air-Dry Clay to the Indian Rhino

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I’ve been working about an hour a day for almost a week now to get the Indian rhino covered with the air-dry clay. Now all that’s left is to finish the other side of the head and give her some toes. Then I decide how I’ll finish her.

I know you’ll think I’m nuts, but the primary reason for making her (I decided it’s a girl) is because I want a large picture of a rhino to go over the couch in my new living room. I’ve been imagining that rhino in just that spot ever since I decided to buy the house, way back in December. But there’s still no rhino on my wall.

I tried to paint one on canvas, but I didn’t like the way it came out. Now I hope this lady will work instead. The sculpture won’t go on the wall, of course, but if I like her enough when she’s done I’ll photograph her (or hire someone to do it for me) and then print the photo poster-sized. I’d like to take her out to Oakwood Lakes State Park to get a nice background that I can fiddle with in Photoshop. Not that I actually know how to do that, of course…

Anyway, take a look at how the new air-dry clay works for rhino skin.

66 thoughts on “Adding Home-Made Air-Dry Clay to the Indian Rhino”

  1. Hi! Stumbled upon your page and finding all sorts of exciting new projects to try.

    I am writing to ask advice on this little cute piggy bank. She is from 1969 Holiday Fair and apparently made of paper Mache chalk ware. She has all sorts of cracks spidering up from the bottom hole, her ears and nose have chips on them so much that the underneath fibers are slightly showing and it is dry and chalky to touch Underneath the paint.

    My thought would be to use your silky smooth paper Mache recipe to patch the inside of the bank with the bigger cracks, and the hopefully reshape the ears and nose a little to stop further damage. My question is will this recipe stick to these surfaces okay? Do I apply glue first, if so what kind? The only paper Mache I have dealt with is from childhood, classic newspaper and water mixture, so this feels like a foreign medium to me.

    Thank you in advance, any help to save this beauty from the recycling center is appreciated!


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