6 thoughts on “abandoned Irish famine cottage”

  1. Paddy, you have that Irish artist in you, among the best in the world. I spent a long time in Ireland and went to the Ulster Folk Museum (I believe it’s called, with outdoor buildings). I keep a painting of a cottage on my wall, and this little piece beats all of them. The history oozes out of it, and your painting of everything is the best. The grounds, the bush, the roof, and the blocked doorway. Poetic. Very touching. Thank you.

    (My best friend lives on the Isle of Man and worked in the museum there. I’ll have her come by and take a look.)

  2. Paddy, I was told you used Styrofoam with this cottage, did you have any issues with it? I’m in the process of sculpting a faerie house, any info would be greatly appreciated ?
    Thanks in advance
    Stephanie Nasshahn

  3. I love your cottage Paddy. I think my favourite bit is the tin roof part although I really like all of it. I love old abandoned buildings, well all old buildings really, they have so much character.


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