A Haunted Tree for Halloween

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The finished Haunted Tree

Today we have a guest post by Jana Manville, a Retired Educator, who made this delightful paper mache Haunted Tree. She shows us how it was made, and also gives us a great tip for making paper mache clay faster.

How to Make a Haunted Paper Mache Tree for Halloween

© 2019 Jana Manville

Hello, Jonni and friends!

I love all things paper mache. This year for our table decoration at the CADV (Citizens Against Domestic Violence) Brunch, our organization chose to make a Halloween Theme. I thought a Haunted Tree would be fun. 

Step 1:

To begin, I used a piece of PVC, water bottles and 2 x 4s for the infrastructure.

Creating the base for a haunted tree.
The base for the haunted tree.

Step 2:

Then I formed the shapes with newspaper and masking tape.

Creating the form for the haunted tree.
Working on the form.
The completed haunted tree armature.
The newspaper and masking tape ready for paper mache clay.

Step 3:

Once I form the details with newspaper and masking tape, I am ready to “frost” the piece with the clay recipe. I used Jonni’s recipe for the Original Paper Mache Clay recipe.

I do have a trick to share. I follow Jonni’s directions on soaking the paper, then put small amounts of the wet paper in my Nutri-bullet. Then I put it in a dishpan to let it dry out.

This way, when I am ready to create the recipe I simply dampen the dried tissue. I like creating the tissue in advance because when I make the recipe I am ready to create!

The paper mache clay added to the newspaper and masking tape form.
The tree covered with paper mache and acrylic paint.

Step 4:

I let it dry and then I used bottled acrylics. I used a layer of black extreme glitter/sequin and then a layer of clear hologram paint.

Oh, yes, the branches are from a dead tree from my Mama’s farm.

The finished Haunted Tree
The finished tree.
Owl living in the Haunted Tree
Owl living in the Haunted Tree
Another view of the haunted tree.
The tree, in place at the event.
The artist, with the paper mache haunted tree.

Here is a pic of the tree at the CADV Brunch at beautiful Lake of the Ozarks at the Four Seasons. I am setting up the table as Little Red Riding Hood, but as you can see, I am having wig issues. 😀

6 thoughts on “A Haunted Tree for Halloween”

  1. That is a great tree. I love the creative spirit, and you certainly brought that forth in this sculpture. Thank you.

    Besides all that, I was visiting my sister yesterday and she has a black tree, and she said, “I wonder what I could put on the branches?” When I saw your tree, I thought I might be able to make small Halloween related things to put on it. The idea of putting candy on it was great, also. Thanks for your talent and sharing.

  2. Fabulous work….I bet the kids just loved it! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the tip on using the nutribullet!


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