A Happy Accident Bunny

Made by Ross Hopkins


This year for Christmas I wanted to make something special for my girlfriend. She absolutely adores rabbits. I knew I wanted to try and make something out of clay, but didn’t quite know how I wanted to approach it. After a few minutes of scrolling through some videos on YouTube, I came across this wonderful video “Make a Folk Art Bunny with of Air Dry Clay”. After watching it a couple dozen times and had a firm grasp on making this bunny I was off to work. I don’t know if it was the clay I was using or the amount of water I used, but it didn’t quite come out the way it came out in the video. But I turned my accident into something I believe she’ll love. I want thank you for this fun idea and I plan on making more in the future.


Bunny made with air dry clay
Bunny made with air dry clay

6 thoughts on “A Happy Accident Bunny”

  1. Amazing! It reminds me of kintsugi. Have you heard of it? It’s a Japanese art of repairing cracked ceramics with gold, making them beautiful. I love the little heart on the side. Lucky girlfriend!!!

  2. Fab! What a result! I know it’s not how it was supposed to turn out and I would take a guess that your clay was too dry or you baked it too fast, any how it looks wonderful.

  3. Oh, this is truly wonderful

    Remember the Velveteen Rabbit…

    “Perfection” is often not nearly as beautiful or full of love as is all the flaws, rubbed-off fur, and imperfections we can share with others… those who love us all the more because of them.

  4. It looks like an ancient artifact found in some archeological dig somewhere! Happy accident all right! Nice work.
    Can’t help with the cracking though, if I ever got cracks, they were minuscule, not so large. How fast did it dry? If you wanted to fix the cracks, you could just fill in with more clay, really smoothing the edges. I do like your choice of keeping it cracked, it adds character.


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