A dance of hummingbirds in color

Made by Margarethe Brummermann

My hummingbirds are pretty much done. Since they are kind of folk-artsy and naive, I used metallic paints liberally, as much as I could get them. Craft paints are definitely one of the pandemic-stricken items and mostly sold out. I had a birds book on my painting table, but due to my limited palette and with some artistic freedom, I did not strictly follow the book. Do you recognize some anyway?

4 thoughts on “A dance of hummingbirds in color”

  1. They are so beautiful! I would love to have some of these. Such a lovely flash of colour during the dark days of winter.

  2. Yes, yes, yes. I recognize them. Awesome. We watched them for hours, and even though you took “artistic liberties,” I don’t think you could have planned it better. Their feathers do shine like that in the sunlight (if you look quickly). I don’t know the names, but these are fantastic. We planted our yard with hummingbird plants and had many of them. Great. Thank you. Colorful and great memories.

    • thank you Rex, living here in SE Arizona, I felt an obligation to honor our Hummingbirds. I just got more metallic paint to do some Rufous ones

      • Oh, yes. We had a lot of Rufous — didn’t know how to spell it! Look forward to seeing them. I’ve painted them and made stained glass of hummingbirds. Maybe now paper mache ought to be next. Thanks.


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