A dance of Hummingbirds

Made by Margarethe Brummermann

I am a watercolor painter, but my gallery asked for tree ornaments. I am working on my first paper mache project, a life sized Bob Cat, so I wanted to try techniques of building armatures. I tried Jonni’s cardboard/aluminum foil version, but I do not like using the environmentally very costly material. I found that crumpled newspaper and masking tape make a clumsy but workable free-forming medium. I can do that while watching movies. I either built the paper balls around wires for beak, wings, tail and hanger or punched sharpened wires into the balls later. The birds were covered in paper mache clay prepared from weight ingredients. That worked very well. Now that the ghostly white shapes are hanging to dry, visited by our real hummers, we nearly want to leave them there like this…but I am also looking forward to painting and turning them into the rarities that draw birders to Arizona from all over the world


3 thoughts on “A dance of Hummingbirds”

  1. Your hummingbirds look good white and painted. Either way, you know immediately what they are. I also don’t like using foil, but rather use old newspapers. If you pull the masking tape tight, you can achieve a smooth surface. I treat small bits of paper like you would clay to make a smooth surface.
    Love your hummingbirds!

  2. I hope they fly over next spring! I had a koi pond and they stayed around for a long time. I loved watching them, and this reminds me a lot of the antics they pull. Look forward to seeing them painted. Awesome.


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