A Basket of Puppies

Made by Connie Kulow

A gift basket of puppies! Golden Retriever, Husky and Black Lab. The puppies were made out of plastic grocery bags, masking tape, and paper mache clay. The puppies were created as a one piece design and fits nicely into the basket. The basket is a gift so I added a few flowers as well.

Puppies made with paper mache clay

7 thoughts on “A Basket of Puppies”

  1. Thank you Eileen! I wanted to make a basket of puppies and decided that I could make a block of clay as a one piece sculpture. It turned out good as they look dimensional as they crowd each out sticking out of the basket. I can almost hear them whining!

    • Thanks Diana! I tried to give the illusion of fur and it’s more prominent on the backside, although with the flowers, you can’t really see it anyways. I enjoyed making the puppies.

    • Thanks Rex!! I used to make sand sculptures on the beach and would “dig up” horses and dogs. I can visualize this sculpture turning into a basket of pups on the beach as well. Next project is a beagle.

      • I used to live close to a beach, and I can see you out there digging around. That is really interesting. What dog wouldn’t love a day out. I never could make an ant hill, let alone a trio of dogs!

  2. What a cute idea! Who doesn’t need a basket of puppies? Mine would just chew the basket up. Very nice project!


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