Paper Mache – for Beautiful Sculptures and Masks

Used Jonni’s pattern to make a mask for a Safari theme day at my workplace. No one believed I made it until I showed them the inside where my Shreddies boxes showed LOL. Our team used this mask and some cardboard monkey masks to set the scene for the theme day.

Karen Norris

Latest Paper Mache Tutorials:

I’ve used [your paper mache clay] recipe countless times for many years, it’s the best modeling medium I’ve ever tried. Dries hard as a rock and allows for some great detail. I’ve had to break a piece off of a piece of metal and I literally had to whack it with a hammer as hard as I could a few times to get it loose. Thank you so much for inspiring my creativity!!

Dalet Bet

402 thoughts on “Paper Mache – for Beautiful Sculptures and Masks”

  1. My brother is making paper mache easter eggs for his two children. He has made the eggs but is a little stumped about how to deal with decorating him. I told him I would ask you. He wants to add hand drawn pencil drawings every year to the eggs but also wants them to be water proof and durable in the mean time. Do you have any suggestions about what medium to use that will cover and protect the eggs and existing drawings but also allow him to add drawings over time?

    • That’s a very challenging question, Kristen. If he uses a satin or gloss varnish the pencil will just slide over it. However, a matte varnish might work. I’d suggest asking your question on the Daily Sculptors page – One of my regular readers might have a much better answer than I can give you. I’ve never tried doing what he wants to do, but it sounds like a fantastic idea!

  2. I have a paper mache floor standing snowman with a jumper, and scarf on I saved from the skip his is a little over 2ft high. My son would love one the same and I want to make one, but how would I begin to make the armature? Iv seen no good tuitorials. Thanks

  3. Hello, love, love , love your work!!! Just discovered this wonderful website. Was watching the Gnome videos this morning. Can’t wait to get the “Make Animal Sculptures” and “How to make Masks!” books! Was wondering if you have ever experimented with this product call Pal Tiya for your outdoor sculptures. Was noticing that people using this stuff would make armatures and then cover them with aluminum foil because it actually needs the foil to adhere.

      • That is so cool! Must admit a little nervous, when the books get here planning to attempt that black and white pig. He is beautiful!!! One of my co workers retired last year, she collects pig figurines and loves pig themed items. Hope to send her something ( hopefully!! ) similar to yours in May! Gives me enough time to fail and then hopefully get it right! LOL!

        Thank you!

  4. I think it is grand that Jonni has donated her Hound to the silent auction for the Brookings Regional Humane Society. A cause I think the Hound appreciates.

    May the wining donation be a member of Ultimate Paper Mache. That would be wonderful.

    Well done Jonni.

  5. Just one question. Is it a good idea to make pure clay masks using your paper mache clay? I was thinking of making masks to wear, as well as use for decor that were made of air dry clay, but I’m hesitant that this method would fall apart, or be too heavy to wear.

    • That’s a good question, Alexis. I don’t make masks that would put paper mache clay next to the face. It might be strong enough, but it’s also hard as a rock. It’s really difficult to make it smooth enough to wear comfortably. It’s best to put a layer or two of paper strips and paste down first, and then add a paper-thin layer of the paper mache clay to make it stronger and to add details.

      • Thank you. I was going to get crayola clay and a 9$ 5-pack paper mask kit off amazon, but then I stumbled across your videos on youtube. Not only would your way be cheaper, I’m thinking it would last longer than my original idea. I will definitely be posting pictures when I am done.


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