Make Beautiful Sculptures and Masks with Paper Mache and Paper Mache Clay

Click the yellow button above to see my easy patterns for paper mache sculptures and masks.

  • Create beautiful gifts and decorative sculptures for your home.
  • Or quickly create professional-looking headdress masks for your local production of the Lion King play or a Vacation Bible School event.

The patterns make it easy, even if you’ve never made anything with paper mache before.

Latest Paper Mache Tutorials:

Is paper mache clay waterproof?

Is Paper Mache Clay Waterproof?

Is paper mache clay waterproof? This video tells you why it isn’t, but also gives some tips so you can use your paper mache clay sculptures outside anyway – at least for awhile.

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Jonni’s Sculpting Books

Paper mache recipes.

You can find all the traditional paper mache paste recipes on this site, plus my famous paper mache clay recipe (and several new variations). You can always find the recipe you’re looking for under the Recipes link at the tip of the site.

Or download my free booklet, The 5 Best Recipes for Paper Mache.

Your Host.Jonni Good, Paper Mache Artist

I’m Jonni Good, the creator of this site and the author of several best-selling sculpting books on You’ll find me on the Daily Sculptors page almost every day, along with many other friendly and supportive folks who love creating beautiful things with this exciting medium. Be sure to drop by and say “hi.” We’d love to meet you.

My Best-Selling Patterns for Paper Mache:

245 thoughts on “Paper Mache – for Beautiful Sculptures and Masks”

  1. I am looking for adult size mask patterns on otter, martin, deer, moose, eagle, crane, elk, fish, beaver, Linx, all wild animals of Ontario except squirrels, mice, rabbits,

    • Hi Marie. I haven’t made mask patterns for any of those animals yet. I have a deer sculpture pattern, but it is intended to be displayed on the wall. I hope to make an eagle this year, though. Good luck finding what you need.


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