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I’m Jonni Good, the creator of this site and the author of several best-selling sculpting books on You’ll find me on the Daily Sculptors page almost every day, along with many other friendly and supportive folks who love creating beautiful things with this exciting medium. Be sure to drop by and say “hi.” We’d love to meet you.

Blog Posts

This delightful fennec fox was created with paper mache. These cute animals are popular pets, and they're just as adorable as art. Full tutorial by guest blogger Sattik Halder on #art #pet

Make a Paper Mache Fennec Fox

This beautiful paper mache Fennec Fox was created by Sattik Halder, an 18-year old self-taught artist from Calcutta, India, who says “I love animals, especially

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116 thoughts on “Paper Mache – for Beautiful Sculptures and Masks”

  1. Nicholas, are you taking a plaster mold of your face?

    That elephant turned out so great, and using texture paint was brilliant!

  2. Hi paper mache community! I’ve really loved this site and have learned a lot, ending up making table decor and other props for three years’ worth of library benefits… everything from Hedwig, Moby Dick, and the leviathan Jules Verne to most of the characters from Alice in Wonderland and reefs and giant seahorses for an under the sea theme. Thanks so much!

    • Do you have any pictures, Alice in Wonderland sounds so interesting.

      I have been surfing around today and found this site. I’m not sure how I will do, I haven’t sculpted in a very long time. I have a two year art degree but found myself helping designers in fashion design which meant mostly
      receiving customers, watching the front room and sometimes sewing.
      It seems a little less expensive than using “paper clay” or sculpty.
      Oh, I did sculpt one doll, let me see if I have her on this computer, Leanne

  3. Hi Jonni ..

    My name is Nicholas.

    A few years ago I followed your advice and plaster of paris mix to do an Alex De Large mark for a fancy dress party. Lots of comments and everyone loved it.
    I am now going a mock up of my own face and am applying the first Gesso coat with no added colour.

    My question to you is can I use water colour paint to add into the gesso mix ?


    • Hi Nicholas. Yes, you can add paint or pigment. The color won’t be very bright because the gesso mix is so white, but it does work. Give it a try and see if it works the way you want it to.

  4. Hi Jonni, just an update on my very large to be paper mache elephant for my wifes birthday. Large in the way, height is 156cm, 61inches, length is 212cm, 83inches. I’ve ventured off from your plans slightly but I am now up to the paper mache stage, though I’m still thinking to do a layer of masking tape to strengthen it more. Fingers crossed it works.

    • Wade, we would love to see that elephant – but I think you tried to upload a photo, and it didn’t work. If you did, it was probably too big. File sizes need to be less than 250 kb to work in the comments. I hope you’ll edit the image and try again. If you don’t have image editing software, you can use this free online tool.

    • Hi mate Jonni, hopefully my picture will upload. I’m very happy with the finished product as is my wife. I used pva glue and water, ratio of approximately 2 parts glue to 1 part water. 2 layers of newspaper, 1 layer of paper towel, them painted with a textured exterior paint.

  5. Hi I brought the lion head pattern but when I went to print it today I couldn’t as I had left it too late, can you please resend it to me

    • Hi Judith. I reset the link so you can download the pattern. Be sure to actually save it to your computer or device, so you can always access it whenever you need to. If you don’t still have the original receipt with the download link, let me know and I’ll resend it.

      Have fun sculpting!

  6. I just wanted your ideas please. I just made a small bendable wire amateur. Now, before I apply paper clay over the wire, must I first place glue over the wire before applying this paper clay?
    Thank you

    • Hi Quintina. I always create some form of armature over the wire, so only a very thin layer of paper mache clay is needed. Is that what you intend to do?

      • I mean that I form the shapes of the sculpture with crumpled paper and masking tape, or crumpled foil and hot glue. This can be placed around the wire so the shapes can be bent into the proper position before the paper mache is added.

  7. Olá!, eu amo sua escrita entã? tanto ! compartilhar nós ?star ?m
    contato mais ?obre s?u artigo na AOL? Eu precisa especialista neste
    casa ?ara desvendar meu problema. Talvez é
    você! Dando um? olhada frente perscrutar você.

  8. Hi Jonni,
    Wonder if you could help me decide on how to get a smooth effect on my Highland cow horns!

  9. Hi Jonni. You are amazing!! Just watched the vid on re-make of Mr. Kangaroo….when you asked about helping Dino to stand…what would happen if you glued washers to the tail and also feet for internal weight? It wouldn’t show. I love your sculptures and teaching.

    • Yes, I think some weights will help. I might end up using some epoxy glue to attach him to a stand, but even then I need him to balance the right way. It’s going to work – but you might see me fiddling with it in my next video. 🙂

  10. Dear Jonny,
    I LOVE your sculptures! You make it look so easy! I thought to myself… “Okay, I can do this!”… and my clay came out lumpy and my sculpture looks like it’s part dog ( which it’s supposed to be) and part bearded dragon! Hahahahaha!
    How I wish I had your talent!

    • Hi Nina. The paper mache clay isn’t supposed to come out lumpy, so is it possible that you used more paper than the recipe calls for? Or perhaps you pressed out so much water that the paper couldn’t come apart when it was mixed? But even with the lumpiness, it sounds like your first sculpture is interesting anyway. Do you have a photo you could share so we can see it?

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