Inspiring Sculptures, Owls, Faux Pottery – and a Zebra…

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Hi Everyone,

Before we get to the paper mache projects that I found this week, I want to show you some amazing animal sculptures that I’ve fallen in love with:

Wild Dog Sculpture by Nick Mackman

Nick Mackman’s Animal Sculptures

I could spend all day looking at the sculptures on her site, even though they’re sculpted with clay, not paper mache. If I didn’t live half a continent and an entire ocean away from her studio, I’d definitely sign up for one of her workshops. If you haven’t seen her work yet, and if you enjoy sculpting animals as much as I do, be sure to visit her site.

Paper Mache-Like Owl Lantern

I like the vintage look of this lantern, and I think it would be a nice decor item for Halloween. And I think it’s cute that the creator, Christopher Hiedeman, called it “paper mache-like” because it was easier to make than he thinks “real” paper mache is supposed to be.

It would make a fun project to make on a rainy October afternoon.

paper mache-like owl bowl

The next two items are related to Christopher’s owl, but in different ways...

Tiny saw whet owl made with paper mache clay

You may have already seen the little Saw Whet Owl I made a few years ago. I made it with paper mache clay, and lots of people have used the pattern to make their own. If you’re looking ahead for a nice Christmas gift, it would make a great choice.

Bowl made with paper mache clay by Jorge

The faux pottery bowl is from the Casa Refined By Jorge YouTube channel. It’s fun watching him play with paper mache clay for the first time. If you’d like to see his cement projects, check out his YT channel. And you can see another ‘faux Restoration Hardware’ bowl made with paper mache clay here.

Inspiring Sculptures, Owls, Faux Pottery - and a Zebra...

I’ve been busy this week, too…

Do you remember that poem that starts with “When I am old I shall wear purple?”

Wearing a zebra on your head is a lot more fun than wearing a purple sweater that doesn’t match your hat. 🙂

Why should kids have all the fun?

I also created a page where you can see all the latest newsletters. It will be a great place to leave a comment and let me know what kind of projects and ideas you’d like me to include in these newsletters in the future – and to share some ideas of your own. You can now find all issues of the Newsletter here, and you can read this issue online here.

Remember to visit the Daily Sculptors page while you’re on the site, and look at all the amazing projects that have been uploaded since the last time you were there.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Inspiring Sculptures, Owls, Faux Pottery - and a Zebra...


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  1. As always I just love what you do! In fact I Liked the idea of skull Bucket. May be have red light inside the bucket so the eyes appear red.


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