Tigers and Werewolves and Cute Little Bunnies…

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Hi Everyone,

Last week I asked everyone if I should send out a newsletter every week, and I got over 200 replies. I really do appreciate your feedback! The Yes vote won.

I’ll also be posting these newsletters on their own page soon, in case you’d rather read them on your own schedule. I’ll let you know how to find that page next week. 

And now, take a look at some of the great ideas I found for this first weekly newsletter. (I put the scariest project, for a werewolf mask, near the bottom – I didn’t want to scare you too soon.) 🙂

Cori's Giant Tiger Puppet

Cori’s Giant Tiger Puppet

Cori posted her giant Tiger on the Daily Sculptors page last week, and told us how she made it. Her ingenuity and perseverance is really inspiring. She’s promised to add some more photos when she has some spare time, along with a video of the puppet in action (the kids will be singing in Manx Gaelic). If the new photos aren’t there when you see her post the first time, be sure to check back again. She’s a little busy… 🙂

The next two projects look like a lot of fun, even though the videos aren’t in English. The bunny is made with the creator’s own recipe for paper clay, which she includes in the description below her video on YouTube. The sheep would be a great weekend project – it’s made with toilet paper rolls and store-bought clay, but I think you could do it with the Silky-Smooth Air Dry Clay recipe on my site, too.

This isn’t paper mache, but it’s pretty amazing – and creepy.

You can do that with spray foam?! This werewolf mask isn’t the sort of thing I’d normally make myself (too scary!) but if you’re braver than I am, be sure to watch the video here. The guys from StiltbeastStudios make lots of stuff with foam, (and almost all of it is creepy ?).

I found some Halloween ideas that are tamer than this, too – I’ll share some of them next week.

Tigers and Werewolves and Cute Little Bunnies...
Tigers and Werewolves and Cute Little Bunnies...

I’ve been busy, too...

I made a fast video to show folks how I decide whether or not to use paste or wood glue for their paper mache projects. You can see it here.

I’m also finishing up a Zebra headdress mask pattern, and I’ve already started three more patterns!

Up until a few months ago I never worked on more than one project at a time, but now I can’t seem to stop. I’m starting to think that I may need to move to a bigger house!

If you try any of these projects, be sure to show them off on the Daily Sculptors page – we’d all love to see how they come out. And if you have an idea for what I should include in future newsletters, be sure to let me know. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tigers and Werewolves and Cute Little Bunnies...


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