22 Paper Mache Puppets in 2 1/2 Months!

The video below was shared on the Yahoo Paper Mache Art group this morning, and I just had to show it to you all. Alex Adams and his assistants created 22 fabulously inventive puppets and masks for a children’s theater production of Dr. Dolittle, and they managed to make them all in just a few months. What an inspiration! (And what a fun job!)

You can find Alex’s Facebook page here, and read more about the play here.

Thanks, Jean, for sharing your son’s incredible puppetry. And for all of you who love paper mache but are not yet subscribed to the Paper Mache Art Yahoo group, you can sign up here. I don’t comment very often on the group (I yammer on quite enough here, I think 🙂 ) but I do learn some amazing things from the group. Highly recommended.

1 thought on “22 Paper Mache Puppets in 2 1/2 Months!

  1. Whahahahha

    The poem from ListFairy Cary about paper mache says it all..;-)
    Great tekst and so true …hahahahaha


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