1st Time – Jack Rabbit Pattern into Bunny Head

Made by Elle Bennett

Hi there Jonni! I bought your pattern for the Jack Rabbit intending to wear it on my head. I scaled up but after assembly it was too small and I was running out of time (Halloween approaching). I ended up only using the ears on another 3d full head printable purchased elsewhere. However, I must say, the EARS made the whole mask! I did have to watch out while traveling through crowds. I used the wood glue method. Eyes made of resin and buckram so I could see out! This was my first paper mache project.

Bunny head costume made by Elle Bennett

3 thoughts on “1st Time – Jack Rabbit Pattern into Bunny Head”

  1. That picture is great! Black and white photography is perfect and freaky for that shot. Just discovered this website today and have been watching / reading how to make the cement / paper mache recipe for my craft projects. Much appreciation for that.

    • We live near a public park that has forest adjacent to it. I thought it would make for great photos. I had my kids take the pics. As people passed on the jogging path, well let’s say I made them take a second look!

      I’m thinking of using the head for a lampshade. 🙂


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