DIY Modeling Paste, Texturing, and Learning New Things

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Hi Everyone,

With Thanksgiving this week, I didn’t spend a lot of time searching for interesting stuff on the Internet, but I did experiment with finding a recipe for home-made modeling paste. And I think I found one.

DIY Modeling Paste, Texturing, and Learning New Things

DIY Modeling Paste Recipe

I thought I would use the DIY gesso (drywall joint compound with glue) for the fur on my ram’s face, but I couldn’t get the nice crisp lines I wanted using that recipe. So I did some more experiments, and came up with a new recipe. It’s really easy to make, and dries both hard and flexible. You can see it here.

A different recipe for texture paste...

I found a lot of videos online with recipes for texture paste using baby powder and glue. This lady is doing some really interesting things with it. Try both her recipe, and mine, and see which one you like best. 🙂

DIY Modeling Paste, Texturing, and Learning New Things

I want to learn how to do this…

This week I started a clay sculpture that might turn into a pattern for a wolf-head wall sculpture. For some reason, playing with the clay reminded me that I really want to learn how to make cast resin sculptures.

Cold cast bronze

Do you have any skills you’ve been wanting to learn for years, but never have? And then you think “Huh – I still don’t know how to do that!” In this video, TheCrafsMan makes a cute ‘rusty’ resin owl. There are tons of other videos online that show the entire process, including making cold-cast bronze sculptures – and this winter I’m going to learn the craft. Now that I’ve said it out loud, I have to do it, right?

If this would be something you’re interested in, too, be sure to let me know.

Remember to show off your latest projects the Daily Sculptors page – we’d all love to see how they come out. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

DIY Modeling Paste, Texturing, and Learning New Things


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