10 ft Alligator

Made by Mary Abbas

I made this 10ft alligator out of egg cartons and paper mache, to keep ducks out of my pool! IT worked- He just floats on styrofoam and is NOT waterproof- (also no legs) His teeth, fashioned from hot glue. His head bobbles and his body worms around, when the water makes him move. I made him in sections and connected them with pegs. Made mostly out Egg cartons but scaled texture is bubble wrap.

Head of 10 foot paper mache alligator

Textures on the paper mache alligator

4 thoughts on “10 ft Alligator”

    • It floats and glides nicely on top of the water and I generally tether it to the opposing sides of the pool to keep it centered and away from the waterfall. 2022, I only needed it in the pool from mid April – June -by that time the ducks had seen it and didn’t even try to land in the yard, much less the pool. It served it’s purpose nicely.

    • My grandkids were definitely taken aback on their first encounter. The only sealer I used was the “waterproof” Mode Podge which I seriously doubt will actually stop water damage. I probably will get a sturdier sealer on it prior to next Spring’s duck assault–


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