DAP, Tiny Birds, French Fox, and David Lemon

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Hi Everyone,

All these years I’ve been telling you to not buy DAP drywall joint
compound for paper mache clay. But now we know how to make it work!

DAP, Tiny Birds, French Fox, and David Lemon

Just Use a Different Glue?

Yes, it appears to be that easy! A comment on one of my YouTube videos inspired me to do a fast experiment, and we now know how to use DAP! This is going to be a game-changer for those of us who can’t find any other brand of joint compound. Learn the secret here. 🙂

French Fox

I just found this video – it’s a few years old, and in French, but she uses the same kind of internal pattern that I like to use when making four-legged animal sculptures – and she shows us how to make it with a simple drawing. Great tutorial! You can see the video here.

DAP, Tiny Birds, French Fox, and David Lemon
DAP, Tiny Birds, French Fox, and David Lemon

David Lemon – Master Sculptor

I subscribed to David Lemon’s YouTube channel very soon after he started posting, over 15 years ago, and he still amazes me every time I watch a new one.

I’ve even purchased several of his DVD courses, even though he works in clay and bronze, not paper mache. (The basics of sculpting are the same, no matter what medium you use.)

He just started a new sculpture of a pioneer lady, so it’s a good time to check him out. He puts out a new video almost every day – he did have some health issues a few years ago, but it didn’t seem to slow him down. If you like horses, figures, and Western art, or if you just enjoy watching a master sculptor at work, check him out

Teeny, Tiny Birds…

I don’t work on any project that requires a magnifying glass, but I have to admit that these miniature birds are amazing. They’re made with polymer clay – and a lot of patience. I don’t know if there’s any way to make them with paper mache, instead of polymer clay, but it’s still fun to watch them being made.

Tiny birds by Malinik Miniatures

I also found another creepy pumpkin tutorial, this time made with foam. If you need more scary stuff for Halloween, you might still have time to make one. I don’t think I’ll make one myself, though – I don’t want to scare my neighbors’ kids. ?

Are you starting to think about Christmas gifts yet? This is definitely the year for hand-made presents. If you have any ideas for us, be sure to share them on the Daily Sculptors page, and take a look at all the sculptures and masks that have been recently posted by our fellow artists.

Also, a store owner in New Jersey recently uploaded a request for an artist who could make some paper mache hands for her, so if you’re interested in a commission or know someone who might be, check out her post while you’re there. ?

Have a wonderful weekend!

DAP, Tiny Birds, French Fox, and David Lemon


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