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The New Community Blog is Ready for Your Ideas

This is going to be a fast post today. I have no new artwork to share, and we haven’t received any new masks lately (the ghosts will be arriving any day now, folks – time’s flying by fast. Submit your Halloween-related items here and show them off to the world.)

But I did manage to put up over 30 quarts of tomatoes recently, plus another 20 pints of green tomato salsa (yum). I dug over 100 pounds of spuds yesterday before it started raining again, and I’m starting a new art project (which you won’t get to see for quite a while) that was inspired by the mask-making party. And I’m reading several very good books.

Plus – the new community website that I told you about a few weeks ago is now online.

I didn’t choose any of the wonderful names you suggested for the site, (to make Google happy. It turns out that the word “querencia” is a fairly popular search term. I only discovered it a few weeks ago, on a poster a the local library).

I’ve written all I intend to write on the new site (except for comments, of course). Now I’m hoping to hear about the kind of communities you would like to build or live in. Since we’re just making it up, you don’t need to worry if your ideas are practical, or reasonable, or affordable – we’re just playing. A collection of essays, poems, drawings or sculptures about imaginary communities would be rather fun, don’t you think?

So, if you have a few spare moments please go check out the new blog, called the Querencia Project: Writing a New Definition of Community, One Idea at a Time. If you have any ideas about how I can make the site more interesting, please let me know. And be sure to submit a post of your own so we can see how you think an ideal community would look like and how it would feel to live there. (If you have any ideas about how we could get high school students interested, that would be great, too – they’re the ones who will actually build the communities of the future, and I’d really like to see what they imagine those communities will be like.)

Or just come visit if you’d like to know what the word “querencia” means. ;)


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  1. Kim Thvedt
    Kim Thvedt at |

    Hi Jonni
    My name is Kim. I have wanted to start a paper mache project for a long time, but most things I found were too childish. The. I found your website and have been so excited by your talent, your creativity and your great tutorials.
    I just finished my first paper mache. I did the Humpty Dumpty. So much fun and I’d like to post him. Unfortunately I did not have armature wire so he’s a little rough. Still love him.
    PS. How do I post a pic? And thanks so much for your time and great projects.
    Looking forward to starting my new project.
    Kim :-)


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