Paper Mache Wastepaper Basket

Just to get our Practical Paper Mache Project rolling, I whipped up this waste paper basket out of an old cardboard box, a bit of paper, and paste. I actually needed a waste paper basket in my office, so it will get a lot of use. I made it big because I get a lot of junk mail. A custom-made waste paper basket – how cool is that?

The new Practical Paper Mache page is now “live,” but so far this is the only project on the page. It will look so much better after we have a few more items to show off, so I hope you’ll send in your own projects soon. In case you missed it, here’s the submission form.



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  1. Rosmary LYNDALL WEMM
    Rosmary LYNDALL WEMM at |

    I am in the process of making a couple of bathroom cabinets, using carefully chosen boxes from Costco (free!) as bases. One set has been glued up and the other will be by the end of today (I hope). Then I will use paper mache (that I will strengthen with wood filler and PVA glue) to fill some of the holes and unwanted indentations, round the raw edges of the cut corrugated board, soften the bonded edges and cover the bright coloring on the printed boxes. Next comes a coat of hard enamel paint or floor paint followed by some kind of varnish that will allow me to wipe the cupboard with a damp cloth and mop up any liquid, toothpaste or talc powder that gets spilled on the shelves.

    I hope it works!

  2. Carmen Needham
    Carmen Needham at |

    I want to participate, but I am not done and no pics. But I will be glad to take them along the way and a final one. I have been working slowly on this. A paper mache frame for a wall mirror. The mirror was discarded, so I just have been working on a unique frame that I could not buy anywhere! I hope I can get it all done and be involved. I just thought it would be fun to see what I could do with that idea before I read about your idea! How timely! I hope I have enough time to work on it and submit it, if no I will still share my pic when it is done!

  3. Paco Ojeda
    Paco Ojeda at |

    That’s beautiful and totally up my alley!


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