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  1. Holly
    Holly at |

    I realize this is an older post, but I have a question. I tried using wood filler on two of my papier mache projects and it only worked on one. The successful project was mostly rounded with little detail, I used the filler to minimize the lumps and bumps. The second project had more “grooves”, I used the same technique and wood filler. I let it dry and lightly sanded it, then I applied gesso. Today I checked on it and it has hairline cracks all over! Is this somehow a reaction between the gesso and the filler? Should I coat it with something else before priming it to paint?


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  3. Terry
    Terry at |

    Hi, I’m so excited and delighted to have found your words of wisdom and put them to use. It all started when I saw the giant paper mache elephant video on youtube. I was so intrigued that I built a rinoceros. The rino is 2′ 7″ tall and 6′ or 7′ long like a limozine bull . I tried to upload a photo but I guess my pictures are too large to upload. I put 1/8 inch of the PM and then another 1/8 inchPM on top of that. For things like the horns that need to be relatively smooth, I am going to use your wood filler trick. I can’t wait to get into the fine detail, I purchased taxidermy eyes for a rino and theylook really cool. My neighbors all say they love what I’m doing. I just hope the damn thing sells cause I need the cash and need to know if there is a bigger demand for the sculptures verses the murals I paint.

  4. Anne
    Anne at |

    Love the smoothness of the mask.
    Do you what tools Steve used to apply the wood filler ? Just a putting knife ? The masks are not plane surfaces, any tricks ?
    I want to achieve the same result !!

    Thanks for your answer

    1. Anne
      Anne at |

      Sorry, should have read my message one more time before sending it :
      It should say :
      Do you know what tools….

  5. andie
    andie at |

    Thanks for the post!!
    About the wood filler, I’m just wondering if anyone has tried woodfiller that isn’t elmer’s.
    I’m doing a 30in high sitting child. Wanted to smooth him out a bit ^^.


  6. Bob C.
    Bob C. at |

    Thank you Steve, Very interesting and easy to understand.

    Not being much of a woodworker Elmer’s Wood Filler would have never entered into my thought process for use with PM. I look forward to adding this to my options working with PM and Plaster of Paris!

  7. Dee Lawson
    Dee Lawson at |

    I love your masks!! Thanks for sharing all of the information!

    1. Steve Gabany
      Steve Gabany at |

      Thanks very much. I appreciate it. Hope goop is something you can make use of.


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