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  1. unknown
    unknown at |

    how you did the eyes? Plastic or paint????

  2. Delphine
    Delphine at |

    Hello and best wishes!
    thank you power your tutorial! I made this owl thanks to your advice. However, I have a small question: you sell your sculptures? if so, how is it? thank you for your reply

    1. Delphine
      Delphine at |

      Thank you for the compliment. No I do not sell, it was a first attempt. I offered my mother for Christmas. But I would love to make a small collection to put on display in a shop decoration maybe. It is so difficult to live of his art. alas! I hesitate to make the models. To make better sales. Do you have any idea of ??what pleases the most people?

  3. Delphine
    Delphine at |

    Hello and Happy New Year! Best wishes … I am writing to thank you have a tutorial to create an owl. Based on your I put up your advice and here is the thing. A small question, you sell your sculpture? if so, how much. Thank you very much for your answer.

  4. Joanne Gennarella
    Joanne Gennarella at |

    Hi Jonni – here’s a fine example of your wonderful eye technique – this owl just stares holes in you – but how beautiful she is! Are you going to do that downloadable PDF of this series? So how do you paint those eyes? Joanne

  5. Sandra Evens
    Sandra Evens at |

    I can’t seem to find what I thought was your newest book. Not Make Animal Sculptures one, but I thought you said you had a new one out where you used less paper and more clay. Also you cannot get your books at Blick.
    Just want to know if you have a 2nd one out that deals less with paper to do mache work.
    Sandra Evens

  6. Maggie
    Maggie at |

    Your owl is just perfect! So lifelike and realistic. What did you use to get the eyes so shiny?
    I love your work, your site, and your recipes!

  7. Michael
    Michael at |

    First and foremost amazing works. I teach middle school art in Texas, I introduced paper mache to my students about 5-6 years ago. The traditional method of paper strips and flour. In rummaging around Facebook I came across your page, which lead me here. I am going to use the paper mache clay recipe. We are off for the Holidays, and I am just about to leave for some joint compound. My students just finished paper mache, so this will give me time to play with it a little before I decide to do this method with them or not. I’ve been looking for ways to get more detail in my personal pieces with out just going to straight clay. I really like this medium. Building the armatures from scratch to the final painting is a blast. The details around the eyes on your pieces is really nice. Ive tinkered with different methods, from cutting in marbles, plasitc, etc. for eyes and teeth. I can’t wait to get my fingers into this. You sites is now on my frequent list. Again AMAZING WORK!!!

  8. Jamie
    Jamie at |

    She is gorgeous! She looks like Hedwig. :)

  9. Donie Schmidt
    Donie Schmidt at |

    Well It was your tortoise that got me here so that is a good thing!
    I think I will continue on my cat, test it over the winter and just do a painting on the mailbox since my time is limited. Thanks and I have tried to read everything that was said about the varnish. Was just hoping Bob’s luck would come my way. I appreciate your frankness with me. ;0)))

  10. Donie Schmidt
    Donie Schmidt at |

    OH Bummer I was hoping that Bob’s experience would be a positive one. If worse comes to worse I will just do a painting on the box. I am enjoying doing this though. Just put some PC on parts of the cats face.

  11. Donie Schmidt
    Donie Schmidt at |

    It looks so real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I went out to Home Depot today and purchased supplies.. I am doing a Fund Raising Project for my Art Alliance which will be mailboxes. I purchased some screen for gutters which so far so good. Made a complete cage out of this for the mailbox because of all the things I have read about drying and needing air from the inside too so I did not want to start my project right on the mailbox. I plan on stuffing the cage with paper and then putting masking tape and a thin layer of your clay over it to dry. I am thinking I should do several layers one at a time to get my mold for the mail box. My long term plan is to put the Cheshire Cat on the mailbox but worried about how I would attach it to the box. Any suggestions would be very helpful

  12. Sherry Harig
    Sherry Harig at |

    Jonni, Ever since I found your site and paper mache clay recipe I knew this would work with my kids art class (eight 1st-6th graders) at our art gallery. The holiday project is a reindeer.
    We used tin foil and pipe cleaners for the armature, then a layer of clay topped with the tissue paper ‘skin’. We are in the waiting for the drying and will be painted and glittered next week. But couldn’t wait to share them with you. You can see all of their pieces I have posted on:
    Thank you so much for sharing your work and ideas where we all can try it out. Good luck with your new book.

    1. Xan Blackburn
      Xan Blackburn at |

      Wow! How cool! (Sherry is quite the talented kid, huh? I really love her little mouse/rat.)
      Are you taking pictures during the process of making the reindeer? Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  13. Chris
    Chris at |

    Hi Joni. Love the owl. I am working on a horse and 2 dogs for christmas presents, if I ever learn how to post pics on here I will, (or get a kid to do it for me. lol) There was a mention of dogs feet, I just did a rough foot on the first coat of pm clay, then just used the pm clay like ordinary clay to get the toes right, they have worked out well. Oh and by the way, growl at you, this paper mache has become my obsession, just not sure what I am going to do with all the things I make. Chris Australia

  14. Ann Thompson
    Ann Thompson at |

    Oh, Jonni,
    I’ve lost my mind, BTW. I started out to tell you that I really love your owl, how it looks so realistic, like all your work does, and I got sidetracked. You really do have a wonderful talent!

  15. Xan Blackburn
    Xan Blackburn at |

    Jonni, I think the predatory stare is perfect! I love the feathers sheathing the beak, too. Very nice.

    About making joints for your armatures, you reminded me of something a friend was telling me about making claymation figures, which need moveable joints. I did a search, and this came up (there were lots of others, too): http://www.ehow.com/how_2238854_create-claymation-armature.html
    Or this for ball-socket joints:
    Or check this out for ready-made jointed armatures!
    Maybe something claymation folk have come up with will work for your figures. Seems like a similar challenge.

    Ann, love the faces and chimp on your blog! :D

  16. Terri
    Terri at |

    She is stunning, Jonni! Brilliant job. Hopefully I will finish my paper mache dragon (that I started this August) in time for Christmas. He is supposed to be a gift!

  17. Ann Thompson
    Ann Thompson at |

    While we are on the subject of being inspired by your work, I wanted to show you my chimp cookie jar. I used your chimp as a reference, and while mine is no where near as realistic as yours (mine is almost childish, but I like it anyway.) I wanted you to get full credit for being my muse. The jar isn’t paper mache clay, it is ceramic, but I am looking forward to finishing up this semester so I can play with paper mache clay, and not worry about firing, etc! I don’t know how to post pictures here, sorry!

  18. Judy B.
    Judy B. at |

    Such a realistic owl….I love it. The eyes are fantastic – great job.
    Have bought my materials to make the clay recipe; hopefully next week I can start a small project. I’m a newbie to your blog and I’ve learned so much already – such talented people!

  19. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    OMG!!! Wow! It looks amazing!!! ^-^Your SO talented!!!

  20. Artis Corwin
    Artis Corwin at |

    I have been watching your owl take shape and it is wonderful. I do love the way you did the eyes.


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