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  1. Lucinda
    Lucinda at |


    I’ll try again to attach a photo.

    Thanks, Lucinda

  2. Lucinda
    Lucinda at |


    I’ve been trying to make a giant snowman for the last couple of days and I’m running into some trouble. The snowman has three sections. I made a large toile sleeve as the body, stuffed it with newspaper and used masking tape to create the shape. The paste clay is having problems sticking to the form, especially the vertical parts and undersides of the balls. Did I need to cover the entire form with masking tape? How do I keep it from sliding due to gravity?

    Thanks much, Lucinda

  3. Annie Calkins
    Annie Calkins at |

    Thank you for your beehive advice. This sounds much easier than what I had been initially planning!

  4. christmas decorations
    christmas decorations at |

    I haven’t worked with paper mache since I was a kid at school! Why is it some of us ignore these fun things when we’re older? I want to make a paper mache snowman now for Christmas, and maybe do a Father Christmas if I’m feeling brave enough!

    1. Lisa
      Lisa at |

      so try cute, thaNKS FOr POSTING – I’M CURIOUS is there s reason NOT to use balloonsinateD OF THE PLAsric bGS? I found this as I wasWAS LOOKING TO BUY SOME PM snowmen,as, in a gift shop today I saw adorable snowmen ornaments that were $18/piece, but they were simply paper mache proimrd and glittered w/some dimensional paint used for eyes, &scarfs I figured for hat kind of money I could kake a ton of my ownI was thinking BOUT CUTTING UP A wire coat hanger to make arms, and screwing a cup hick up top as a hangerit didn’t occur to me to make a huge one, but I love the idea I think a beach balls would work my husband who knits & crochets is jazzed about finding the riht yarn and making scarves and mittens for them I think I’l make coal buttons & eyes from fimo

  5. Amy Forsht
    Amy Forsht at |

    I just made my first paper clay today. It turned out great. I have one question. Can I layer the clay or do I have to complete an entire area first. I put on a thin layer, but want to go back and add detail. How many layers have you been successful with drying in between.
    Really enjoy your website and information.
    Thank you

  6. rosario marrero
    rosario marrero at |

    hi jonni
    I am so happy.thanks you for sharing your miracle recipe paper mache
    clay.God bless you.Iwatched on you tube.You are very special angel.

    you frind rosario

  7. Gemma
    Gemma at |

    First of all, love your work!!!!
    I’m doing a science project on modeling a 3D animal cell.
    I thought that i would make a big circle out of the paper mache clay for a base. I just had a few questions.
    1) Once i’ve made the cirlce and after it has dried, is it possible to cut it open just like the picture at the bottom or would it be better to cut it open using plain old paper mache?
    2) Can clay or play-doh stick on th paper mache/clay after it has dried?

    Thank you

  8. Carmen
    Carmen at |

    Ha, well I was looking at the page about outdoor sculptures and when I clicked on this I was expecting a “lifelike?” statue of a snowman!! Very cute little guy. I had to laugh as I was imagining a big snowman that would be fun to have ready to put outdoors when it snows, a big huge one that everyone wonders how they could work so hard in that snow and get it that big, you know – one of those kind.

  9. Debra
    Debra at |

    I was wondering what ‘Joint Compound’ is? Do you use it for joining plaster? I am in Australian and have not heard of it before.

  10. Monica
    Monica at |

    the snowman is cute! but i can’t see the video.

  11. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    I love this project! Thanks so much, I’ll be linking tot his.

  12. Nick
    Nick at |

    the snowman rocks! Peace to all this holiday season

  13. Tracy
    Tracy at |

    He’s really cute! I love this tutorial!

  14. PJ Hornberger
    PJ Hornberger at |

    He’s so cool! Got to see this new recipe…. thanks for all the details.. PJ


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