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  1. Joanne Gennarella
    Joanne Gennarella at |

    Hello Jonni – artist extraordinaire!!

    Have you thought of having a Santa Mask Contest – starting right now!!?
    Don’t you think it would be great fun to see who can come up with the top Santa – kind of like a Santa beauty contest crowning the “best” Kris Kringle King of Christmas and having the artist be his best elf-helper?” Let me know what you think.

  2. milagros
    milagros at |

    I love your work, it’s great, congratulations

    from Caracas, Venezuela.

  3. Joanne Gennarella
    Joanne Gennarella at |

    You know, just because its almost Easter time it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate your Kris Kringle. He’s just as happy and gorgeous as a Santa should be. I have a question for you though – how does the pottery clay hold up under the pressure of applying the paper mache, without losing original detail and shape?

    As the clay is probably still in the elastic stage you can lose some of it in the application. Do you wait until the clay is leather hard and just lightly apply your clay? If this is the case, then I guess careful application can result from any number of paper armatures.

  4. Maggie
    Maggie at |

    Love your papier mâché figures…….brilliant thank you.

  5. jessie rasche art studio
    jessie rasche art studio at |

    Thank you so much for letting santa live with us! He is beautiful and makes us smile, and we’ll keep him up all year!

  6. Amber
    Amber at |


    Was wondering if the varnish is enough for your pieces to become outside friendly; if not, what sealant would you recommend for the ‘clay’?

  7. Taria Lorehand
    Taria Lorehand at |

    he looks so real. I love it.

  8. Sanjay M Colaço
    Sanjay M Colaço at |

    Respected Jonni,
    Good day to you !
    I have been watching quite a lot of your videos on You Tube. And so this Christmas, I decided to make a Crib using paper Maché technique. Thanks-be-to-God for your instructional videos. It helped me to craft my first creation using paper Maché. I hope you’ll appreciate this creation.
    Here’s the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbUwTTXIKkc&list=UUaqNSqbfleI-2-R39wUgZow&index=1

    P.S. You may post the video on your blog. My intention is that the people may know that your videos are truly helpful to the very beginners.
    Wish you Merry Christmas and Faith-filled New Year.
    I am certain , you are a nice person. Atleast, I can feel that watching your videos- continue being nice and inspire others to be nice, too.

  9. Eileen
    Eileen at |

    You really are an artist Jonnie- I want to know how you got Santa’s eyes to get so soft and sweet looking- the way Santa should look! Merry Christmas- thanks for sharing.

  10. kim
    kim at |

    Your Santa is absolutely amazing and thank you so much for sharing him!

  11. Tammy S
    Tammy S at |

    Oh Jonni,
    You are so talented. I love you work and appreciate all the sharing you do with us. Thanks for being you Jonni you have helped me improve so much and always answer so many questions from everyone. I know you spend a lot of your time teaching us and helping us so again THANK YOU SO MUCH! Merry Christmas Jonni and the best of luck in the New Year :)

  12. Anne Jantz
    Anne Jantz at |

    Dear Jonni,
    OMG, your work is so fabulous. My girlfriend, Sharon and I are going to play today with your recipes. Sharon and I do murals together, I am attaching one we did for a soup kitchen in Detroit, but today we are going 3D!!!!! I hope you can stay warm in South Dakota. We are right beside Detroit, so I think we will be getting snow soon too.

  13. Mònica
    Mònica at |

    I loved his Papa Noel. This very expressive. I am glad that is already installed in your new home and putting hands to the earth. Love Monica

  14. Terry
    Terry at |

    Jonni, your Santa is wonderful! He looks just like Santa should look! Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas!

  15. Melissa Kojima
    Melissa Kojima at |

    Oh, I love him, Jonni. How funny that you started out with a pink face undercoating. I wish I could see more of the burnt sienna varnish glaze that you added on top. The wet sponge sanding, does that only work on the paper mache clay? I’m guessing it won’t work on the original paper mache paste recipe. Thanks for sharing and yes, hang him up soon. He seems like a jolly addition to your holiday decor. Glad the storm has passed and the dogs are alright.

  16. Joy
    Joy at |

    sorry about the typing (her) error.

  17. Joy
    Joy at |

    Hi Jonni,
    Your Santa is outstanding! When I look at him, I expect his nose to twitch and her him chuckle.
    Thank you so much! You truly an inspiration.

  18. annie sullivan
    annie sullivan at |

    I love, love, love your Santa…
    Thank you for sharing!
    Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

  19. Maddyrose
    Maddyrose at |

    Jonni, your Santa turned out looking just the way Santa should look. I have made more than 30 Santa figures but not one that can be hung on the wall so this is a project I can see myself working on as a future project after seeing how wonderfully yours turned out. Happy holiday~

  20. Jen
    Jen at |

    Santa looks awesome! I love your work and appreciate your sharing with us all. I used your mask book to learn how to make a Halloween mask for my eldest son and a butterfly mask for my daughter. I used some glow in the dark paint on both for some Halloween oomph! They were both a hit, and I hope to find some time to make more. My son proudly displays his mask on his bedroom wall. Love being on your email list. Thanks again!


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