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  1. Jessie McDonald
    Jessie McDonald at |

    Stumbled upon your site while looking for a medium that I could use to paint on my sculptures ..usually they are made of cardboard, tinfoil and masking tape.
    I have watched quite a few of your videos and “THINK” that I might be able to make a clay that I can thin out and use to paint on my creations.
    If this is true can you let me know.

    Your sculptures are amazing. I was drawn to watching the Raven being created due to the fact my multi-dimensional piece will have Ravens in it … or I should say reasonable approximations there of. Thank you for sharing all that you do.

  2. Nan
    Nan at |

    Thank you so much for your time and sharing your creative talents with all of us. I will attempt making this Raven sculpture, armature, for a birthday gift to my grown son. He loves Ravens and Edgar Allen Poe. Your video is exactly what I needed right now. I started out painting a watercolor, wasn’t feeling it. Then thought about making it more dimensional with more of a mixed media, steampunk feel to it. Nope. I started thinking, is he going to want to keep this always on his wall. My decision was he wouldn’t always have room for it on wall, BUT he could put a sculpture anywhere, shelf, mantle ect… I am going to add a little something to my bird though. A loosely scrolled ”paper” (made from clay) with The Raven poem on it. Nevermore.Thank you!!

  3. Ruth Kear
    Ruth Kear at |

    Hi Jonnie,
    So happy to find your site. Have been thinking of making a 3 D raven for a long time and never have found the media. Your new paper clay recipe may just be perfect. Have never worked with these type of materials before however so have a few questions. I live in Mexico so finding supplies is always a challenge. Would also like to make the open beak but will have to order the Sculpy and wait forever for it to get through customs. There appear to be several kinds of this material available so before I order it can you tell me exactly which one I need…or perhaps there is an alternative material. Also if it needs to be “baked” is this done before or after attaching to the body? Also wondering how much of your clay is required for one bird (12″size) as I am thinking of making a pair. It seems that if recipe is doubled it will be very unwieldy. As you can tell from my questions that I am a rank beginner! Thanks for your advice…your raven is beautiful….Ruthita

  4. Laura Lunsford
    Laura Lunsford at |

    One more thing…I love your cat. I have a Siamese who treats me the same way. I must be ever alert as sometimes that jump onto my shoulder takes me by surprise. No wonder I had rotate r cuff surgery a few years back!

  5. Laura Lunsford
    Laura Lunsford at |

    I am so excited at finding you! I make soft sculpted fabric dolls as my main endeavor. A dear friend requested my making a raven, so I have been “constructing” in my mind. The right black fabric can be difficult to find. Yesterday there was a paper clay workshop I attended with the thought I might perhaps use that technique for the raven. I live in a very rural area, however, so the supplies would be difficult to obtain. Imagine my delight when I Googled paper clay recipes and found your Blog…and with a raven no less. I will need to do some adjusting as the requested raven should have out spread wings to look as though it is just landing. I can hardly wait to get the supplies and start. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!!

  6. Adding Sculpt Nouveau Iron Coating to the Raven Sculpture

    […] The post that shows how the raven was made, using my new Silky-Smooth Air-Dry Clay recipe, is here: […]

  7. Rachelle
    Rachelle at |

    Hi, I can’t wait to try the new recipe since I want to do more human figures and silky smooth is what I am looking for. Here is my 2nd papermache inspired by the ballerina bunny.

  8. Joanne Gennarella
    Joanne Gennarella at |

    Edgar Allan Poe would never quote nevermore to this raven. He’s very Halloweeny. What percentage does your pattern have to be increased to bring it up to the size you used for your raven?

  9. Eileen
    Eileen at |

    Fabulous raven Jonni- you make it look so easy but we all know it is not! Your new air dry clay does dry faster if not applied thickly but it actually takes longer to dry if added thickly. Too lazy to make a new batch of Jonni clay, I used the new air dry clay to level out the bottom of my group of goslings so it would sit nicer. So far, 2 days later, it is not completely dry- you can tell by color rather than feel. Live and learn!
    I dont know why you said there was no paper mache on your raven- the clay has paper and flour in it. I hope the book goes smoothly for you. I can’t wait to buy it especially since you said you have included a baby lop.

  10. Daryle Cook
    Daryle Cook at |

    Jonni… I’m a big fan of paper clay, using it exclusively for my art dolls. I can hardly wait to try this new recipe; looking for that smooth, paper clay finish! I’ve followed your blog and creative journey for some time now. you inspire! Thank you… Daryle, from Woodstown Whimsies

  11. Artis Corwin
    Artis Corwin at |

    Jonni, I am so excited to try your new air dry clay. I love you site and enjoy seeing whatever you are up too, and you curious cat too.

  12. Dodie Clark
    Dodie Clark at |

    Can’t wait to get your new book. Any Idea when it will be ready.

  13. Kathy Hall
    Kathy Hall at |

    I love ravens and would like to watch you paint our bird.

  14. Terry
    Terry at |

    Really beautiful Raven, Jonni! Thanks for sharing with us. I have to get my taxes finished, then maybe I can play with the new Jonni’s Silky Smooth Air-dry Clay. (Great name!)
    I think your lovey cat is so cute! She is just rubbing her momma with all her kitty love! Although, it looks like she may have gotten excited about SOMETHING in her sight and maybe took off over your shoulder. :)

    1. Terry
      Terry at |

      OH! I forgot – I would love to see the wrought iron finish technique you mention in the video.

  15. Sabine
    Sabine at |

    Great! Such a beautiful raven! And the feathers look so real!
    Thank you so much fo sharing, Jonni!
    And again you encouraged me (without knowing) to go on with my own work.
    Big hug!

  16. Chris
    Chris at |

    Hi Jonni, thanks so much for this mixture, I was working a piece and wanted it really smooth, was not looking forward to the hours of sanding, then you put this up and its great, I will post pic’s as soon as I put it together, I must say mine did dry a bit darker, mind you it was 35c and I put it out in the sun on concrete, so was a bit like putting it in the oven..lol
    I did my usual and rushed out and bought what was needed, so I am hoping there is no difference in corn flour, and corn starch, as I got the flour, but it seems to be doing everything you said it would in the video, and it is great to work with.
    The raven looks great, love the detail in the feathers.

  17. Shirley
    Shirley at |

    Love it!!!!

  18. Joanne Gennarella
    Joanne Gennarella at |

    Hi Jonni –

    I’ve used the first layer gauze approach in some of my structures like the cats, but it never occurred to me that it was an obstruction to the paper mache process.

    I haven’t even viewed the video but I’m sure I’ll be inspired!


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